Samantha Jones, the character played by Kim Cattrall in "Sex and The City", wears several for role requirements. In particular, in the episode that sets in pursuit of the beloved and faithless Richard Wright, wearing a set of "U Hair Customizable by Raquel Welch" wigs not to be recognized during the observation.

The fact that Raquel Welch had launched a line of wigs was not new to me, I got to see advertising on an InStyle USA a few years ago. However, since the article was so well known to happen to be used by one of the protagonists of the legendary TV series, it seemed to look at a game wig. But really african american wigs wholesale, now can you?

I do not understand anything about this kind of product and therefore do not know if it is normal that Raquel Welch sells wigs made with human hair and do not know if it would be desirable to have hair in the head rather than d 'A good synthetic imitation of someone else. I do not know if it is more the fact that some of the wigs "U Hair Wear" have the so-called "Lace Front", which mimics the root of natural hair. What I know is that I see on the site and beautiful hairstyles, if on the one hand, I feel a certain repulsion, on the other hand, however, the curiosity to see myself with all these different hairstyles is very strong!

The doubts that come are many: and if the wig I come off while they are in public? What if she was a toilet? And this washing what happens, you lose the fold? And what is the point, then? Also, I saw several pictures where the Welch is fabulous, while wearing his "creatures", but also an image where it seems Bozo the Clown (click here ...).