"The use of the Mafia bosses disguise, even weight is more common than you think and is a frequent ploy to disguise and escape." during an interview with Klaus Davi, which will air during the episode of "The Untouchables", Saturday natural african american wigs, November 5th, starting at 21:00 hours wig lace, said the magistrate Raffaele Cantone, current president of the National Anti-Corruption on Lac, channel 19 of the Calabrian digital terrestrial and streaming on www.lactv.it.
The interview, released when he was still the president of the Supreme Court magistrate, until now never published, reports: "There is the case of the Camorra Aldo Gionta (arrested in Pozzallo August 17, 2014, used to disguise with glasses and wigs, coming to disguise himself as a woman. When he was captured was camouflaged by foreign tourist, ed) but there were also others. Attributed to this choice a sexual value, it is not obvious. There is only the need to avoid recognition: if you notice a car carrying a male and a female, there is less attention from law enforcement. "
Canton remarks then as "sexual discourses were always used a double standard in the Camorra, but were good arguments when you are treated to get rid of someone." There are several examples from the judge, including one concerning the boss La Torre, who revealed that he had killed his lieutenant because he said not to be infected with AIDS, though often they went with the women themselves. "But do not you who killed him for that reason - explained Canton - because there was a power struggle. But this was the motivation that gave La Torre inside the clan, to justify the elimination of a character who had his popularity inside and was well-liked by affiliates. An ambiguous sexuality, in short, from all points of view. "
Canton then revealed how they found dozens of letters in which the Camorra were called each other "my love." "The use of this terminology - he explained - was typical of the Camorra language. There were those who interloquiva sending each kisses. " Affectivity, coded language? Canton has no doubts: "A reverence passed upon affiliates and vice versa; a kind of camaraderie that comes pushed the limits of homosexuality. "