Buy colors of wigs and hairpiecesHaarteile
For natural colors, there are color numbers, but unfortunately are not the same for all manufacturers. The color of a wig can also be judged badly on photos or on the screen, which is why there are colors or plates with patterns, but they can also cost a few euros. If you do not have a Farbring, it is recommended to compare as many images as possible.
Wigs or hairpieces with several color numbers are by the way always strut.
Wig sizes
If you have a big head with more than 55cm circumference or dense, long hair, especially wigs from Asian suppliers can be too small for you. Then ask for security by e-mail, for which head circumference the wig is suitable. By the way, the circumference of the head is measured with a measuring tape, which is placed around the head at the forehead.
To go wigs are less a problem if you put them properly. Strong and elaborate styled wigs for cosplay or natural looking wigs should nevertheless have the right fit for the head, so that the hairstyle looks perfect.

Wig and hairy hair
Haarteile kaufenPerücken und Haarteile must be protected from dust, direct sunlight and heat, then they can be kept forever. I have wigs from the 60s from Kanekalon, which still look great.
Ungestylated wigs and hair clips can be stored well and space saving in small plastic bags, I take freeze bags. Gestylte wigs must be stored on a covered head of the head or with paper stuffed in a bag or better in a cardboard box.
Heat and friction are the worst enemies of artificial hair. It does not belong in the vicinity of a heater or in the bright sun, and the hair is carefully handled so as not to damage or tear the fibers. Synthetic hair should be unraveled after each wear. First use the fingers, then a combed comb or a wig brush. Brushes for real hair are taboo!
Wigs and hair
Art hair, which is worn only rarely, is not to be washed after every use, which would make the work in the case of elaborately styled wigs. Then one should always wear a wig cap, so that the artificial hair is protected from sweat.
Wigs and hair of artificial hair are washed with hand in maximum lukewarm water with a mild shampoo (baby shampoo or wiggleshampoo). The artificial hair is treated carefully and is easily kneaded with the fingers human hair wigs sale, so that the detergent comes everywhere. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry the hair lying on a towel.