The ceremony took place at the Aula Magna of the Institute of Oncology Veneto in Padua. 50% of this remarkable figure is the result of the generosity of Ali, Aliper and Unix customers who have contributed to the fight against cancer by donating to the IOV points accumulated with Fidelity Card Catalog "reward" by bringing together 54 € 464 ; The remaining 50%, or € 54,464 is more the result of the direct donation of Ali S.p.A.

The money will be used to fund an IOC UOC 2 medical oncology project to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The project involves the purchase of equipment that can prevent hair loss in women who undergo chemotherapy.

Design and equipment. As is known, most chemotherapy drugs have the side effect of damaging the hair follicles. Therefore, people who undergo these therapies forgive - completely or partially - the hair within a few days or a few weeks. Is not a definitive loss, they reject, but modifies the perception of its image and reveals the therapeutic process undertaken and / or completed. For those who want to defend their privacy and not to know the state of their health, it is not a simple situation. So far, the only solution was wigs. And to this end, for some years, the IOV through the project "Do not stop as ..." offers users the free use of these principles.

Now, however, they have recently emerged from the experimental phase (tests have been carried out in several European and American centers) new devices able to prevent this side effect of chemotherapy: operate according to a simple physical principle. Through a special helmet with a cooling system, worn twenty minutes before the infusion of chemotherapeutic drugs and held over the head throughout its duration, the temperature of the scalp is lowered to about 4 degrees. There is therefore a superficial vasoconstriction: therefore hair wigs australia, the hair follicles become very little blood and with very little amount of these chemotherapeutic drugs that damage them. The follicles "save" and the hair does not fall off. "Considering that every year there are 37,000 new cases of breast cancer and that the majority of them are also treated with chemotherapy, we understand how it can be wide application of this method," explains Professor Pier Franco Conte "Help a patient and do not lose their hair, because it seems that these devices are able to make 85% of the cases, it defends its confidence, its modesty, as well as to improve the quality of life and its perception of the Body, with positive effects also on the observance of the treatment and the mood ".