The fully hand-knotted wig usually consists of a fine tulle or similar fabric, through which the hair is individually pulled through and knotted. This type of processing ensures that the wig remains very light and air permeable. As the scalp appears mostly through the tulle or tulle-like fabric, the hand-knotted wig looks particularly natural and genuine.

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In the monofilament wig, there is not only a small part of fabric that imitates the scalp optically, but the entire upper head area consists of skin-like monofilament fabric. The entire lower portion of the wig consists of wefts, i.e., cotton tapes, on which the hairs are machine-sewn. Through this combination, the wig acts particularly naturally in the entire upper head area. The lower weft part ensures a sufficiently pleasant air circulation under the wig.

The hand-waved wig with mono-part consists - as the name implies - of fine monofilament fabric in combination with a hand-knotted montage. The dress is the skeleton of the wig, on which the hair is processed. The natural appearance of the monofilament fabric, i. The fabric hand tied human hair wigs, which imitates the scalp visually, and the hand-knitted montage ensure that this wig looks particularly genuine and like completely natural hair growth.

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There are wigs made of high-quality monofilament fabric 100 human hair half wigs, which additionally have a special outer edge, the so-called film attachment. This film approach ensures a lot of naturalness. As with the wig-shaped wig, the edge of the film is usually made of fine tulle fabric or tulle-like fabric, through which the hair is pulled through individually so that it looks as if it were the natural hairline. The tulle can often be individually trimmed, so that the desired optics is achieved.