Ms. Tremblay, owner of the Mado Capillary and Mammary Center, made her debut as a manufacturer of wigs for Eaton in Montreal nearly fifty years ago.

"We received the human hair, we sort them to assemble them and finally make the cut. The wigs were sold at Eaton's, "she says amused.

"Today, the majority of hair prostheses are made of synthetic fibers. There are also real hair, but they are more expensive. We will especially suggest to the girls who often tie their hair, for example, for a better durability, "says Tremblay.

Otherwise, a synthetic wig costs between $ 500 and $ 700 for a lifetime of one year to a year and a half.

The company that opened its first hairdressing salon at the age of 20 on Notre Dame Street in Repentigny, began offering the sales and fitting service for hair prostheses about 35 years ago.

The choice of a wig must be done carefully and Madeleine Tremblay knows well. "Quickly by seeing the person human wig hair, I am able to determine, according to his face shape and complexion in particular, what wig to offer him," she says.

It also suggests to women to come before they have lost their hair to properly reflect the style of the person. "I will examine the texture of the hair wigs for black women, the curly and of course the color".

Once the model is chosen, it is the adjustment, which is usually done after the second chemotherapy treatment. "I shave my hair, I install the prosthesis and adjust the cut if necessary, then discuss maintenance and scalp care," says Tremblay who takes on average an hour per patient to do so.

Capillary pieces, called volumi- nators, for men and women are also available for partial alopecia. Manufactured parts of human hair usually last between two and three years and cost nearly $ 1,500.

"As much for the wig as the volumizer, nothing appears. Technology has evolved a lot, "says Ms. Tremblay.