TV host Miriam Pielhau (40) has won a seemingly hopeless fight against cancer after two years. "The prospects were gloomy," she told the "picture." "The professor who examined me said: 'Get used to the thought - you will not be well again.'"

After an initial disease of breast cancer in 2008, she learned in January 2014 that metastases were growing all over her body. A month ago, a doctor told her that she was cancer free. "I have done something that many and I also feel as miracles." In addition to chemotherapy, Pielhau tried various other treatment methods. "A doctor even recommended me to fall in love - as an immune booster, so I spent a while on Tinder with wig," said the former presenter of ProSieben magazine "taff". "It was very funny at first, but then, because I felt like I was still a woman ... even in my condition."

To deal with the suffering period, Pielhau wrote a book titled "Dr. Hope", which will be released next Monday. This is about her cancer-affected girlfriend Johanna. "I am that Johanna ponytail hair extensions," Pielhau said. "I invented it to be able to write more easily, and at a distance, about myself, the cancer, the struggle, the suffering and my hope." Luckily, Kent is still traveling in one of his houses and accidentally encounters an old carton with an older clown costume. Kent does not need to think twice: As a clown dressed, he rocks the birthday party of his son. Completely finished, he sits on the couch in the evening - in a clown costume.

The next morning he has the salad: the make-up can not be washed from the face. The wig is glued to his head. Even the clothes he can not undress. Not that Kent would not have tried: But even an electric carpet knife can not peel the chasm from the body. And when Kent's wife Meg (Laura Allen, "Mona Lisa's smile") the red gumminase with his tongs and raw violence torn his face, Kent's own nasal tip is equal. Not a beautiful sight.

Kent is beginning to get scared. The feeling of drowning overwhelmed him. He begins to investigate. Who owned the costume? What has become of him? Two initials in the costume box help Kent, they lead him to Karlsson (Peter Stormare, "Fargo"), a man who can understand his problem. When Kent appears with him and drinks a cup of tea, he finds himself tied up a little later. Karlsson wants to cut off his head. This is the only solution for Kent's problem.