When I enter the shop "Gongoll" on Bergiusstrasse, carnival music lures me into the back of the shop. There are masses of costumes, wigs stacked on the shelves, and many additional items around the dressing make the heart of each jecken higher. From simple to simple costumes, everything is there - in different designs.

My personal favorite is the whole body suit in the form of a black cat. The cute piece offers enough "air" to dress under it normally, an advantage when it's cold. I can simply cover the suit and wear it inside and outside. Also for those who do not keep so much of make-up, the kitty is a good grip. Because a cat's head is hanging on the costume. But it can be folded up, so that one can paint the face itself.

An eye-catcher, already because of his shrill turquoise, blue and green tones, is the mermaid costume, which I pull next from the clothes rack. One drawback is the fatigue when dressing because I often get caught in fins and co. In combination with the curly, even more striking wig, the chaos is complete. My opinion: For the celebration, the nixen outfit is not so great. The woman-antje costume is something else, and here is also not necessary to wear and carry a big effort. In combination with wooden blotches and the typical hood remy wigs, I would surely attract a lot of attention.

A classic is the practical and at the same time fashionable Piratenlady costume, which I can embellish with many details such as sword and hat and which gives such an exciting outfit. A dirndl is not a normal part of the carnival of the Rhineland, but I also like this costume. Because it is a bit more chic and looks fine with braided hair or wig. It is very suitable for awnings, where it is definitely to a great effect.

In the end, I find my second favorite: a Robin Hood costume, which is not typical for women. In this disguise, I can play the daredevil heroine with sword or arrow and bow.