Christmas is ticked off, New Year's Eve celebrated extensively, the good intentions were made and already rejected. I am back in celebration, for carnival is at the door. And as every year, I take the preparations for this funny party very seriously: collect ideas, set up costumes, look for the necessary clothes, try out the finished costume and do not dismiss as satisfactory ... the whole thing again from the front!

Yes, I have a lot of fun in finding something extraordinary and celebrating this costume! And no, I'm not just good at carnival! I think life is so strong, and why should not you just take it less seriously?

For the party lovers but costume slogans among you I have a perfect disguise in petto. All you need is a wig. Here you can find suitable costumes and wigs for every carnival outfit.

I already mentioned in my blog that I find the pop art art of Roy Lichtenstein incredibly good. His art I will probably never be able to afford, but a Pop-Art-Pulli I had time (gladly here for viewing and reading). Did you know that Roy Lichtenstein always had to deal with reproaches? His style was characterized by the use of comics and so he was considered a "copier" in the art world. Already funny ... I call inspiration! And when comics inspired this great master, I let myself be inspired by his art in my carnival disguise. And it is soooo easy to implement. All you need is a wig, a good foundation cheap wigs, a black, best a water-proof kajal, a red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, some white children's make-up and the usual makeup utensils. As a clothing piece, everything is allowed for the pop art costume: it should be simply colorful, dotted, patterned, striped or printed.

When Roy Lichtenstein experimented with the comics and coined them, the pressure points - the so-called "Ben Day Dots" - dominated the surface of the painting and made his art unmistakable. In my make-up, I chose a light version. I refuse to paint the "Ben Day Dots", because it is really very difficult and in the end you look like you have chickenpox. So the face should be primed with a light foundation, the eyebrows pitch black, the lips fire red, paint a few tears with blue eyeshadow and the whole with the black kajal. Done!