The word wig comes from the French language and basically means only hairhead. Earlier, people wore wigs in the most extraordinary shapes and could not be high enough. Some people of the high nobility wore correct racks on their heads. Today, wigs tend to be associated with costumes, with illness, or for filmproductions, while still using hair extensions, hair extensions or even real hair wigs for private use. The hair and particularly the hairstyle have always been extremely important and therefore the profession of the wiggle is very old and recognized. The wigs are made either of artificial hair or also of Echthaar.

A wig, hairpiece or toupee can be worn by women and men; this is not an innovation, but has always been independent of sex. In some countries lawyers and judges still wear wigs, but here, however, this has no cosmetic or health reasons. As a rule, the health insurance companies take over the costs of a wig or hair part in the case of illness-related hair loss. Cancer patients can have an earthaar wig made, which of course can be worn after the recovery. In some cases the health insurance companies did not want to pay, but there are no restrictions on sex or age because each patient is entitled to a wig.

A wig can not be produced just as well, but some conditions must be considered. First, of course, the consultation is in the forefront, because the hairstyle must sit and must not slip. It should be as natural as possible and these criteria can only be met by a specialist. The pre-history of the counselor must be taken into account when all factors have been taken into account lace front wigs wholesale, the patient will definitely be very satisfied. In the case of a disease-related hair loss, chemotherapy or other reasons, it is important that the wig is robust and durable because it is worn over a long period of time. It is worthwhile to consult with a specialist