Often, the wig does not have the right width and is among other things Unpleasant to wear. That is why buyers of different kinds are allowed
 Hair replacement. The right is not right sent back.

 Hair strings, the hair is knotted on nets in exact handwork.
 The same applies to other manufacturing processes by means of their
 Naturalness. In contrast to artificially produced hair lace wig store, these hair are heat-resistant. Such threads are "paw" processed
 Particularly firm and light weight. Moreover, they have a high degree of production.

Art hair is not only available in various unique color gradations. Those are also available on the Internet in natural colors.Qualitatively good wigs with good shape are not often distinguishable from the normal hair. The so-called synthetic fiber is also from the exterior a successful invention. Especially hair made from artificial hair are easier to maintain than the other wigs.

On the other hand, the respective life of the chemically produced hair is much shorter on closer analysis than in the so-called wigs of Echthaar Echthaar wigs. Even online vendors are used to this preference of their own wig.