The V people are the immediate witnesses. They, not their officers cheap lace wigs human hair, are at the front. This makes them indispensable for taking evidence, no matter how truly they ultimately testify. Example "Krokus": Under this name Petra S. was a V-wife of the constitutional protection of Baden-Wuerttemberg. She now lives abroad and claimed by e-mail to be able to make statements regarding the murder of policewoman Michèle Kiesewetter. She wants to meet Beate Zschäpe in the circle of other people. Their source of the Landesamt contradicted them. "Krokus" was only taken after the murder. Now, statement is against statement. The official was questioned several times by the committees in Berlin and Stuttgart, but "Krokus" never.

One thing the full-time source leaders and their proteges usually have in common: the fear of the public. They often come under pseudonyms to interrogate witnesses, answer hidden behind a wall or in an adjoining room or only in a non-public session. The same applies to the NSU process at the Oberlandesgericht in Munich. A parade example was given by the V-man "Piatto" and his V-man leader of the Brandenburg constitutional protection. Both were loaded by the court as witnesses and had to appear after initial counter-defense. But they both were allowed to disguise themselves unrecognizable brazilian lace wigs human hair, with wig, hood, coat.

Such an appearance, in addition to the content of these witnesses, also has an information value. He has nothing to do with the protection of witnesses, and V-men are finally known in the scene. But he demonstrates that the services are handled with the public. They hide their faces, disguise their responsibilities. Your credibility could be shaken if a V man talks. It is the lock between outside and inside, a hermaphroditic.