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everything is jovial for Lou Doillon who puts on his prettiest wig

Le 7 décembre 2016, 06:25 dans Humeurs 0

Lou Doillon is currently in Japan and seems to have a lot of fun. This morning again, the pretty brunette opted for a strawberry wig ... Rather lol!

One thing is certain: Lou Doillon has inherited the craze of his mother Jane Birkin. The proof with the last post Instagram of the young woman of 34 years that unveils in a funny costume. Indeed, a few days before the Halloween festivities, the singer has apparently already chosen her disguise, and she will bet on the strawberry!

Currently on a trip to Tokyo at a private concert for ELLE Japan, the beautiful brunette enjoys her stay thoroughly and seems to have a lot of fun. And in the morning, everything is jovial for Lou Doillon who puts on his prettiest wig. A red model covered with a few black polka dots and set with a small green hat. So cute that the muse of the brand Maje decided to share this moment with its followers on social networks.

Like Mother like daughter !

His style so mysterious, Lou Doillon takes it from his parents, Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon. "My parents always gave me the impression of doing what they wanted with simplicity, without arrogance." When my mother came to Drucker's denim and T-shirt, barely made up, it was not deliberate. Minutes before, she was probably at the vet with our dog Wigsen, "she told the ELLE magazine last year. "He does not have the baccalauréat, he comes from a working class and he just listens to his instinct ". The relaxed and natural look is in the genes!

Wearing a wig allows you to have the hairstyle of your choice

Le 1 décembre 2016, 10:33 dans Humeurs 0

I reveal to you one of my "secrets", but in reality that is not really one! Like many black women, I sometimes wear wigs. Yes, I know it can be surprising for some, because you will think about losing it accidentally in a public place. Or to all these synthetic wigs, shiny and lacking in modernity. But that nenni, in this little post full human lace wigs, I will show you how to make one yourself.

I recently delivered you in the capillary trends of this season, that the weaves / wigs of aspect Nappy are very in vogue. If you do not like sleek and too sophisticated, that gives the smooth or wavy locks. And you want something less "European like", then this may be for you. I will not lie to you for a long time, I felt this need to wear weaving and other additions regularly, although my hair was healthy. This is less the case now, because it is totally not compatible with my hair routine, but with the fall in temperatures, I do not want to leave my hair in the open air. In short, you will have understood it is a protective hairstyle quite practical. Wearing a wig allows you to have the hairstyle of your choice without having to undo it after 3 to 4 weeks. You have the option of removing it every night wig cap, or sewing it on your mats. Finally, even if it lacks glamor, did I mention that you can do your care more regularly without having to suffer too much from breakage and drought?

To realize my wig I used, the locks of the DVH brand (but you can use another brand). I like the texture that has this weaving, one has the impression of having frizzy hair smoothed or "texlaxed". I opted for 2 packs of 14 "(mid-long) of natural color, which I dyed in" jet black "as I have rather black hair. Depending on your preferences, you can change the color, volume, line of your wig. To my surprise the packages were very bulky for 100g and the sewing was very thick, so I split the seam to avoid cutting after each line.

Then position the wig on your head

Le 28 novembre 2016, 07:57 dans Humeurs 0

Customers, customers if you are reading this article it is because you bought one of our beautiful wigs and you are wondering how to wear it.

The NHF wigs are made to let your crane breathe. YES so it's normal to see spaces when you look at the wig by holding it in your hands.
Rest assured, once on your head the loops are positioned so that nothing is seen and your look will be all that is more natural.

The first thing you want to do when you decide to wear one of our wigs especially if you have long hair, is of course plaiting your hair. Preferably lying braids that you bring back.

Note: The more your braids are thin full lace virgin hair wigs, the more your hair will be flattened and the more your wig will look natural.

This avoids bumps and the like.

In picture here our Model wearing its braids during a shooting of our wigs.

If you have a wig cap (and if you bear to wear it for a whole day), then put it over your braids.

Then position the wig on your head, and style yourself as you wish.

NHF wigs are sold without fasteners because the hat with which they are made holds well enough by itself. Nevertheless if you wear a wig for the first time and are not comfortable or you are afraid that it will fly, do not hesitate to secure it with hair pins.

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