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hair are easier to maintain than the other wigs

Le 27 février 2017, 09:44 dans Humeurs 0

Often, the wig does not have the right width and is among other things Unpleasant to wear. That is why buyers of different kinds are allowed
 Hair replacement. The right is not right sent back.

 Hair strings, the hair is knotted on nets in exact handwork.
 The same applies to other manufacturing processes by means of their
 Naturalness. In contrast to artificially produced hair lace wig store, these hair are heat-resistant. Such threads are "paw" processed
 Particularly firm and light weight. Moreover, they have a high degree of production.

Art hair is not only available in various unique color gradations. Those are also available on the Internet in natural colors.Qualitatively good wigs with good shape are not often distinguishable from the normal hair. The so-called synthetic fiber is also from the exterior a successful invention. Especially hair made from artificial hair are easier to maintain than the other wigs.

On the other hand, the respective life of the chemically produced hair is much shorter on closer analysis than in the so-called wigs of Echthaar Echthaar wigs. Even online vendors are used to this preference of their own wig.

dance recital and could not find the wigs at the witches

Le 14 février 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

This morning I was walking on the web because I was looking for wigs for Halloween, because my daughters have to do a Halloween themed dance recital and could not find wigs by witch.
You want .. I want .. I can find a great site and well stocked

This morning I was wandering everywhere 'Cause I was looking for wigs for Halloween,' Cause my daughters need to make a Halloween themed dance recital and could not find the wigs at the witches.

 WIGSBUY is an online retailer of human hair wigs 100% hair extensions uk, extencion, synthetic wigs, hair and accessories for men, women and children human hair short wigs, all of excellent quality.

So many patterns and colors on the site, many of which are updated proposals of many models and colors, at very favorable prices.
I found what I do for my case, with a section entirely dedicated to wigs for costumes at affordable and high quality.

Finally you spray your Wig straight with lubricant

Le 9 février 2017, 05:11 dans Humeurs 0

If the convention day is over, you should pack your wig well. Usually you get a reclosable plastic bag and a thin hairnet in which the wig is packed. Please do not throw away this packaging. You should always put your precious cosplay wigs in it before transport. This protects the wig optimally from damage. For long hair wigs you should turn in the long hair before you pack your hair again. I turn some wigs also only "externally" hair wigs, which also works, if it should go fast.

Most of us use artificial hair wigs. These do not fat like real hair, so their structure is also very sensitive. The fact that hairpins do not behave like Echthaar wigs should always be remembered. Many cosplayers swear by Silicone Spray, which is often used for greasing plastic parts on the car. Believe me, please keep your fingers off! When you spray for the first time, you can actually ease combing. Finally you spray your Wig straight with lubricant. If you use the spray too often or sprays too much on the wig lace wig glue, you smear it completely so that the hair looks wet and strandsy. So you mess up the complete wig! Uses Wig-Conditioner which is specially made to untangle wigs. It also dries completely, so you can spray your hair easily with it often. I myself use the conditioner of Ellen Wille, which one can order at Amazon. Alternatively, there is the Wig Wonder Spray from mycostumes. I have not tested this yet, but I have heard of positive experiences from friends.

Wash your wigs! By carrying dirt into your wig. Be it sweat, makeup remnants or hairspray. Wigs want to wash but want to be learned: Take lukewarm (!) Water and please use special wigs shampoo, baby shampoo or only a light flush! The reason for this is that normal shampoo contains care products that should penetrate your hair. However, since the artificial hair has neither oil nor proteins, this principle does not work and the additives stick to the surface. Here I recommend you the Pflegeshampoo of Ellen Wille, especially for synthetic hair, which I myself gladly use and good experience has made. Be careful when rinsing, so that no shampoo residues remain. Let your synthetic hair wig dry in the air and comb it only when it is completely dried by itself.

These were my personal tips, so that you can cultivate your cosplay wig - right! I hope I could help you so that your wigs remain beautiful for a long time, so that you can always wear a perfectly maintained wigs for your cosplay. So the correct wigs care is no longer a witchcraft! If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave me a comment. More Cosplay tutorials, reports and articles can be found on this page.

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